Tuesday 26 March 2013

Blood Red; Crowdfunding Killer Brit Horror

What would you do if fate brought you into direct contact with a notorious serial killer and gives you a chilling ultimatum? That is the basic premise of Blood Red, a British horror film that promises to become a cult hit upon release. The project is seeking funds from various investors, with the pre-production costs to be met through crowdfunding. The creative team behind this sinister production are campaigning for funds through the platform IndieGoGo with only ten days till deadline and need the help of the crowd. 

The plot of Blood Red is as follows; Megan Taylor (to be played by actress Nicola Posener) is a psychology student with a very troubled and brutal past, hoping to resolves those issues through a detailed study of sociopaths. As part of her final year dissertation, Megan contacts the surviving victims of serial killers and psychopaths to better understand how they overcame their trauma. Megan receives a call from a woman who claims to have survived an attack by Devlin Drago, a convicted serial killer believed to have been murdered by prison guards. When she arrives to meet the woman, Megan finds her viciously murdered and then gets a call from someone claiming to be Drago. The caller offers her a sadistic ultimatum; to give in to his murderous demands or face his bloody retribution.

Blood Red is the brainchild of Director & Producer Steve Du Melo of Melomedia Films, with a screenplay by Roger Wyatt. It is essentially billed as "Saw meets Silence of the Lambs". It's premise should appeal to fans of grindhouse horror looking for more independently produced horror projects already on the rise thanks to the success of Jen and Slyvia Soska's  American Mary. Although majority of the funds will be attained through private investors, Du Melo is seeking pre-production costs of $20,000 through IndieGoGo. In exchange for donations a variety of rewards will be offered that is sure to have horror fans salivating. For as little as $10 a plethora of rewards include a digital download copy of the finished film with an alternative ending (which the donors have a vote) website credit, as well as an email certificate acknowledging their contribution. Other rewards depending on the value of donation include;
  • A making of.. documentary
  • Behind the scenes access
  • Q&A sessions with cast and crew
  • assorted props from the film and limited edition merchandise.

For those horror fans who have $850 or more to spare all the rewards so far will be offered along with a VIP access to the set, personalised messages from the cast, two tickets to the premier screening and an exclusive opportunity to help develop ideas for an alternative ending. However the project is need of funds with only ten days to go till deadline and to date has only raised approximately $200. If you wish to learn more and perhaps help this project see the blood spattered light of day then visit the IndiGoGo project page for more details.

Image Credit;  Glutnix

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