Thursday 21 August 2014

The Sleeping Room Crowdfunds Efforts for Release to Wider Audience

Movie Mogul Film, the company that succeeded in crowdfunding their latest production The Sleeping Room making it the first feature film to raise funds through equity based crowdfunding, is calling to the crowd again for support. Ahead of the film's premier screening at this year's Film4 Frightfest International Horror Film Festival, the company has announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for funds to support the film's print and advertising efforts. The money raised will be used to promote the film to as wide an audience as possible through film festival screenings and other marketing activities. Movie Mogul Films is looking to raise £15,000 in 30 days and in exchange offer donors rewards that would appeal to film fans especially lovers of the horror genre.

Based in Cardiff, Wales Movie Mogul Films Ltd was founded in 2007 by Gareth Davies and John Shackleton with a goal to produce original and innovative  films through the ever changing Web 2.0 digital landscape. The company's first film Panic Button, produced on a budget of £350,000 premiered at Film4 Frightfest in 2011 to critical acclaim. This led to Movie Mogul launching the first 666 Shortcuts to Hell short film competition at Frightfest 2013 and also the upcoming Shortcuts to Hell II at this years London event. In March this year Movie Mogul successfully raised their funding target of £10,000 for their second feature The Sleeping Room, within 10 days through the crowdfunding platform Seedrs. By the end of the campaign over £25,000 was raised offering a total equity of 10.5% and The Sleeping Room made history as the first feature film to be funded through equity-based crowdfunding. Production on the film has completed and will receive its premier screening at this year's Frightfest at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square.

Movie Mogul Films has turned to crowdfunding again to increase awareness of The Sleeping Room to a wider audience by raising funds to cover the cost of marketing and advertising the film. A typical feature film spends five times its production budget but the campaign is only seeking £15,000 for the cost of its marketing efforts. Using crowdfunding in this way Movie Mogul looks to offer every opportunity for the film's potential audience to connect and engage with the project. The funds raised will go towards the cost of screening and attending various film festivals around the world, arrange private screenings, and possibly arrange for a limited theatrical release. 
Retaining the spirit of independence through which this film was created, it now makes perfect sense for us to be the ones responsible for creating a really interesting campaign, attempting to engage with audiences across all platforms, before the film is released. - John Shackleton, Director The Sleeping Room
Film fanatics, particularly lovers of the horror genre and supporters of independent film making will receive in exchange for their donation, acknowledgements of their support as well as digital copies of their first production Panic Button, Sleeping Room signed cast photos, shooting script as well as inclusion on the film's DVD bonus materials and with estimated delivery date of 2015 a digital copy of The Sleeping Room. Supporters who donate more than £200 would receive invitations to the films special screenings and after part celebrations, limited edition merchandise, signed music sheets from the soundtrack and even arrange a special private screening for your organisation along with a Q&A with the film makers.  Movie Mogul Films has already secured a distributor to release The Sleeping Room on DVD and for Video on Demand sometime in early 2015. Click here to visit The Sleeping Room's Kickstarter page.

UPDATE; The Sleeping Room received its premier screening at Film4 Frightfest. Feedback from the audience was positive with some remarking that it is the sort of film the new Hammer Studios should be making. Scenes From The Front Row was there to cast a discerning eye on this crowdfunded picture. Click here for their review.

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