Monday, 15 February 2016

[Review] - Positive Discrimination

Director/Writer Charlo Johnson
Stars; Liam Burke, Niall Dempsey, Róisín O' Donovan, Maghnús Foy

Joe is an elderly man, terminally ill but receives financial help support from a local volunteer group. Tanya is a student sitting her finally exams but resorts to prostitution to pay debts; and a policeman. Three seemingly unconnected lives soon come together in this tale that takes the idea all is not what it seems to new heights.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

[Interview] - Sean Cronin the ultimate movie baddie

From life as a touring rock musician to baddie for hire in both Hollywood and independent movies Sean Cronin has carved a film career as colourful as the characters he has played. Whilst you could be forgiven for not knowing his name his face should certainly light a recognisable spark or send an all too familiar chill down the spine. Those piercing eyes, the deep winding scar on the right side of his face, and intimidating screen presence Sean looks every part the bad guy. A chance meeting with a casting agent changed the course of Sean's life, cast in a multitude of villainous roles from his big break as Imhotep's high priest in "The Mummy" to a masked Syndicate henchman in "Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation". Yet there is more to this Londoner's repertoire than just looking mean; throughout his career Sean has lit up the screen with a variety of engaging villains whether its cold and calculating hard men, vicious cockney gangsters or sadistic Nazi interrogators, he has brought method and variety to playing the bad guy on screen.