Monday 5 September 2016

Get into the Mind of Cactus Jack

What do you get if you cross Travis Bickle from the movie "Taxi Driver" with the anarchic energy of Barry Champlain from Oliver Stone's "Talk Radio"? In the age of the internet and social media it can only be "Cactus Jack". With the rise of divisive hate-mongering political figures on both sides of the continental divide it seems that the polarizing rhetoric of racism and xenophobia, and with the help of the Internet has exploded into mainstream politics. Through their singularly angst ridden protagonist Chris and Jason Thornton's seminal film looks to cast a discerning eye over today's increasingly hot tempered political scene. Through crowdfunding the Thorntons are looking to bring this no holds barred examination to chilling life.


After being rebuked by radio talk show host for his less than favourable opinions, one man decides to take the host's rhetorical advice and so sets up his own podcast. Donning a mask and assuming the pseudonym "Cactus Jack" the angry angst ridden basement dweller unleashes a verbal tirade attacking every faction of society he finds objectionable; gays, immigrants, liberals there isn't anyone "Cactus Jack" doesn't hate. Of course his venomous words attract equally extreme opponents and it is here that Jack learns his words have consequences as one avid listener decides to go one step further to silence him.


Chris and Jason Thornton with the help of Producer Sidney Sherman of Rosa Entertainment, are looking to raise $20,000 through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo which will go to completing production of the film. The campaign has just 8 days left to reach its target and in return for the crowd's generous support the Thorntons offer a variety of rewards including a finished copy of the film, autographed script and producer credit including associate and executive. 


"Cactus Jack" is a film that needs to be made and seen. Its decidedly dark subject matter through the eyes of an unapologetic hate filled bigot serves as the perfect study for the increasingly hostile political rhetoric on all sides of the fence seen today. Whether it's through social media or comments pages at the end of each news item it seems that debate has been reduced to abusive trolling, and violent threats looking to intimidate and silence anyone with an opposing view. So many films have featured a deranged disaffected figure who takes matters into their own hands to unleash their dissatisfaction with the world. "Cactus Jack" is the Travis Bickle of the digital age turning to the internet to vent his rage and in a bizarre twist finds himself the hunted in this dark thriller that is most definitely not NSFW. 

The Thornton Brothers are under no illusions as to the potential commercial viability of their cinematic labour of love with a portion of any profit that is made being donated to NOH8 and The Southern Poverty Law Centre;
"We're not making this thing for money or accolades. We're making it because it's gnarly and brazen and feels like a truthful expression of .what this country and world is going through right now, back to the beginning of time."
To find out more you can visit the film's Indiegogo page and be sure to check out the red band trailer below - not suitable for young minds and sensitive ears.

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