Tuesday 31 October 2017

[Film Review] - Women and Wine

Writer and Director Liv Karin Dhalstrom 
Starring Marit Adeceide Andreassen, Turid Gunnes, Jeanne Boe
Running Time 20 Minutes.

When Turid organises a party for her best friend Grete's 50th Birthday she suddenly finds that they might not be as close as they once were. Fearing that they are drifting apart Turid does something that threatens her bond of friendship.

In a funny and lighthearted fashion Dhalstrom explores a deeply rooted fear for those who dread losing their friends through distance or growing apart in mid-life. Telling the story from Turid's point of view we get caught up in her anxiety from feeling pushed out of the birthday celebrations she organised to her jealousy of Grete's apparent closeness to their other friend Signe. Following her narrative Dahlstrom makes us feel Turid's dispair amplifying subtly her increasing feelings of being pushed away. The scene in the car where a masked Signe and Turid make Grete guess who they are touches on this poignantly, whilst the birthday girl easily recognises Signe's voice she fails to recognise her lifelong friend Turid. This carries effectively to the party itself and we can't help but feel bad for Turid, even in her overreaction when the party doesn't quite go to plan. 

Marti Andreassen is delightful to watch bringing to the fore Turid's emotional vulnerability with a comic touch that is almost like a comedy of errors. Her performance makes Turid so likable that we still feel fer her even after she takes her desperate action to save her friendship with Grete. What makes this compelling viewing is the feeling that we have all been there and done equally stupid things out of fear and anxiety. Where the film switches tact somewhat is the tense moment between Turid and Grete, and here Turid Gunnes gives a strong performance in particular her reaction to Turid's betrayal of confidence, powerfully played out during Grete and Turid's recreation of the a comedy skit from their younger days.

Dhalstrom manages to get incredible performances from his talented cast drawing in the audience making us feel what the players feel and keeping the performances from going over the top. "Women and Wine" is a delightful story with some laughs, and a little tension leading to a heart breaking yet warm ending, a powerful relate-able film of friendship and the dreaded mid life crisis.

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