Thursday, 2 May 2019

Interview - Lifting the Travel Ban with Samy Chouia

Tackling the Travel Ban -
Writer/Director Samy Chouia
 Can laughter Trump hate? A troupe of Middle Eastern/American comedians and film makers think it can, and in the battle for America's heart and soul blackened by President Donald Trump's anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric, they're willing to give it a go. That is the central premise of film maker Samy Chouia's documentary 'Travel Ban; Make America Laugh Again'. Produced by Kevin Derek ('The Real Miyagi') it follows the journey of Palestinian/American comedian Aron Kader who following Trump's implementation of his "Travel Ban" put together a troupe of American/Middle Eastern comedians for a comedy special to tackle the rising hate against Muslims and immigrants in America.

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