Thursday 23 July 2020

[Retrospective Review] - Henry; Portrait of a Serial Killer

Writers; John McNaughton & Richard Fire
Director; John McNaughton
Stars;  Michael Rooker, Tom Towles, Tracy Arnold

Henry is a self-employed pest exterminator, who after ridding homes and businesses of scurrying vermin, gets his kicks from nocturnal extermination of a different kind - choosing his innocent victims at random then killing them anywhere and anyway he can. His only companion is Otis (Tom Towles), an ex-convict on parole who washes cars at a local garage and indulges in selling drugs and flirting with young men. Sensing a kindred spirit in his housemate, Henry introduces Otis to the pleasure of killing brutally and spontaneously in a horrific scene involving the two men beating, stabbing and bludgeoning a television salesman who refused to serve them. Things get complicated with the arrival of Otis’ sister Becky escaping her violent husband and looking for a fresh life, and soon Becky and Henry fall in love much to Otis’ jealous laden chagrin.

Friday 17 July 2020

[Interview] - Rayna Campbell

Four years I ago I was offered the opportunity to interview British actress Rayna Campbell about her debut as a feature film director. That film was the award winning gritty drama 'Lapse of Honour'. Starring Tom Collins and rap artist Lady Leshurr, it tells the story of college students Tom and Eve, two Moss Side teenagers studying hard to get into university in an attempt to escape their abusive parents. When Eve discovers she's pregnant it changes the course of the couple's lives. 

'Lapse of Honour' is a story packed with drama and tragedy carried by stellar performances from its young cast, especially Lady Leshurr giving an award worth performance, ably supported by British veterans of the small and big screen Louis Emerick and Gary McDonald. Having screened at various festivals, including the BFI Film London event, critics praised the film with one writer concluding "Lapse of Honour never feels staid or tied to the inertia of its characters, as the bright lighting, lively performances and brisk storytelling propel the viewer along. The ride may not be a pleasant one, but Campbell ensures that it is a compelling one."

Saturday 11 July 2020

I Am Vengeance; Retaliation - Interview with Ross Boyask

FORGET HOBBS & SHAW! if you're looking for a fast paced, fun filled action packed thrill ride featuring two of the genre's biggest hard men taunting and trash talking one another in a testosterone fuelled measuring contest look no further than Gold and Teague aka Stu Bennett and Vinnie Jones. The dark avenger from the 2018 independent hit 'I Am Vengeance' ('Vengeance') returns on an even more personal mission with plenty at stake and this time has to deal with a nemesis from his past whilst leading a team to capture him. For star Stu Bennett it means ramping up both his action credentials and his thespian abilities, as writer and director Ross Boyask puts both star and hero through one hell of a explosive and personal journey. 

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