Monday 25 January 2021

Lost girls and love hotels due for home release

Critically acclaimed psychological drama 'Lost Girls and Love Hotels' comes to home entertainment courtesy of Dazzler Media. This powerful, atmospheric tales stars  Alexandra Daddario ( 'Percy Jackson' franchise) and Takehiro Hira ('Snake Eyes') written by  Catherine Hanrahan adapted from her own novel and directed by William Olsson ('An American Affair').

Haunted by her past, English tutor Margaret has relocated to Tokyo, teaching English by day and losing herself in anonymous sexual encounters at the city’s infamous love hotels by night. 

After an unexpected encounter with Kazu, a Yakuza gangster she begins an affair that at first feels thrilling but soon spirals out of control. Margaret finds herself  on a collision course with a malevolent figure who picks her up and offers to take her to a love hotel. Alone and in danger, Margaret has a decision to make. Will Kazu come to her rescue or will she finally save herself?

Based on her real life experience working as a teacher in Japan Catherine 'Lost Girls and Love Hotels' has been highly praised, with Alexandra Daddario's performance hailed as captivating. The film will be available from 8th February on DVD and digital media, and you can pre-order your copy today.



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