Saturday 13 March 2021

Cine Asia announce release of The Eight Hundred

Trinity Cine Asia, the premium film label for martial arts and Asian action cinema proudly present an epic underdog tale of cunning and heroism that galvanised Chinese national pride during the second Sino-Japanese war. Directed by sixth generation filmmaker Guan Ho, 'The Eight Hundred' stars Du Chan as Lieutenant Commander Xie Jinyuan, and Tang Yixin as Yang Humin, the girl scout who delivered the Chinese national flag to the Xie and his men. The is epic tale of China's very own 'Alamo', which reportedly took more money at the box office than 'Tenet' last year is coming to home entertainment. 

It's  1937 and three months since Japan launched the invasion of China.  Japanese forces have been ordered to take control of the Sihang Central warehouse located across the international settlements of Suzhou Creek. 

Inside, a group of Chinese soldiers, led by their Lieutenant Commander Xie Jinyuan,  hold their ground, defending the city at any cost. Only 400 soldiers remain but thanks to a calculated move by their leader, they were able led the authorities believe that the warehouse was guarded by 800 men.  The stand - off, which took place in full view of Chinese nationals and international communities -  proved to be the most challenging battle. The standoff made world headlines and not wanting to involve the Western communities in their war the Japanese has to find a way to end the siege without using use of artillery or mustard gas, and  so were drawn into an exhausting, bloody fight lasting four days and four nights.

The story of the 800 heroes has been filmed previously, first in 1938 as '800 Heroes' directed by Ying Yunwei. A Taiwanese production told the story of 'Eight Hundred Heroes' in 1977 written and directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Ting Shan-hsi - the writer of iconic kung-fu classic 'Come Drink With Me.' This latest telling marks award winning director Guan Hu's 11th film made on a budget of only $80 million it took over $400 million at the box office. The film has largely been praised as an epic in the vein of 'Dunkirk' and  Guan Hu's ability to plant audiences firmly into both the intimacy and magnitude of a brutal war spectacle. 

Courtesy of Trinity Cine Asia 'The Eight Hundred' will be available on DVD from the 22nd March and on Blu Ray and Digital from 12th April. All are available to pre-order now on Amazon.

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