Sunday 11 April 2021

Sheep Without a Shepherd Screening at Chinese Cinema Season

Trinity Cine Asia, one of the leading distributions of Asian films present a special virtual screening of the Chinese crime drama 'Sheep Without a Shepherd' as part of its 'Chinese Cinema Season' film festival. This three month online event, produced by Trinity Cine Asia in partnership with Filming East Festival and UK-China Film Collab, is dedicated to showcasing the best of Chinese cinema with over 50 films to be screened along with exclusive Q&As and discussion panels. As part of the line up 'Sheep Without a Shepherd' will be screened on 12th April and stars Xiao Yang, and features internationally acclaimed actress Joan Chen ('The Last Emperor, 'Marco polo).

Li (Xiao Yang) and his wife A Yu (Tan Zhuo, 'The Bravest') run a small business in Thailand and enjoy a happy home life with their two daughters.

Friday 9 April 2021

IP Man Kung-Fu Master UK Release Announced.

If like so many Kung-Fu film enthusiasts you were saddened at the end of 2019's 'Ip Man 4 The Final Fight' fear not as more stories are to come of Wing Chun's legendary master. 'Ip Man Kung-Fu master' sees Yu-Hang To reprise the title role under the direction of Liming Li with a script co-written by Li with Shi Chingshui. The film also features veteran Hong Kong action star  Wong man-tak better known to fans as Michael Wong. 
Like 2010's 'The Legend is Born - Ip Man', the film follows the life of Ip Man as a young man prior to the events of Wilson Yip's quadrilogy starring Donnie Yen. 

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