Wednesday 12 May 2021

Dino King; Journey to Fire Mountain Is Monstrous Fun for the Family

This year sees the return of the great monster movie epic; Legendary Pictures 'Godzilla vs Kong' saw these titans battle it out under Adam Wingard's direction, and The Asylum's 'Ape vs Monster' brought big budget fun to the small screen. Making up the trident of monster movie mania is 'Dino King Journey to Fire Mountain' an animated adventure that is fun for all the family. Dazzler Media have announced the film's release to home entertainment. Written and directed by Korean film maker Han Sang-ho 'Dino King' is the sequel to Han's 2012 debut feature 'Speckles The Tarbosaurus' which was released in 3D and was a box office hit.

Five years later Speckles returns for another Jurassic adventure with an international cast providing all the voices.  The story sees the return of Speckles, now all grown up with a family of his own living relative peace until a major battle turns his world upside down.

Reeling from the loss of his family Speckles and his surviving son Junior head out across the land in search of food and a new home. Father and son have a tense relationship with Junior trying to prove to his father he can overcome his fears. Junior's overconfidence and recklessness lands him in trouble and kidnapped by a group of Deinonychus. Speckles embarks on a journey to find his son dealing with Earthquakes, Volcanoes and some of the most vicious beasts of the Jurassic world.

'Dino King' was another domestic hit in South Korea and enjoyed international release courtesy of Odin's Eye Entertainment. Audiences were enamoured with the film's 'Finding Nemo' style tale and animation as realistic as the epic documentary series 'Walking with Dinosaurs.' Now the film will be available in the UK from 24th May on DVD, and Digital  for all the family to enjoy. This animated adventure is available to pre-order.



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