Wednesday, 19 October 2022

[Podcast] - Exploring the final part of In Search of Darkness with David Weiner

The search is done; the journey into ‘80s horror cinema concludes with the final part of this ghoulish and epic trilogy - IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: PART III. Written, produced, and directed by David Weiner this five hour superdoc takes 80s horror fans to a time when horror found its voice thanks to cable TV and the home video explosion. As with Parts 1 and 2, the latest installment is packed with  the usual assortment of quality film clips and insightful interviews featuring some of the era's legendary icons and innovators. If you lived through that incredible decade of cinema or as an avid cinephile with passion for 80s horror then you will have one last chance to own your own copy and have your name in the credits. Read on to learn more.     

IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS: PART III (aka ISOD III) continues and concludes its long form exploration of 80s horror. If you thought the era of subversive storytelling, entertaining thrills and scary innovations had been fully delved into think again. The final films launches into a a deep diver of 79 impactful and controversial films of the decade, from direct-to-video and shot-on-video bottom-shelf favorites to unsung drive-in and theatrical releases. It follows the familiar model that of the  year-by-year format (1980-1989) alongside larger-context chapters. 

The film explores the rise of indie horror filmmakers amid the home video boom; the horror backlash during the Satanic Panic; Heavy Metal in horror; marginalization in mainstream content; the influence of Mexican, European, Canadian and Asian horror; the flexibility of the horror genre; visionary directors; artist profiles; and much more. Cine Bijou spoke to ISOD III's writer, producer, and director David Weiner, in our debut podcast, to take a peak at what's in store for part III and his thoughts on his epic journey into the world of 80s horror. 

IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS PART III is available exclusively and for a limited time in both digital, DVD and Blu-ray, along with the chance to have your name in the credits, and a host of exclusive ISOD merchandise. For as little as just under $70 to $75 you can have the film in Blu-ray or DVD to complete your collection or get the trilogy with one purchase. Head over to 80s Horror Doc and select your edition but hurry the sale ends midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on Halloween 31st October. The 'In Search of Darkness' trilogy is the ultimate love letter to the most innovate and entertaining period of horror cinema history casting a spotlight on the iconic ghouls of our childhood and the legends who scared the bejesus out of us all. It is a perfect tribute to an amazing era. 

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