Tuesday 4 October 2022

Spirit of 22 Film follows Wales Football fans to World Cup Action

Qatar could soon hear the roar of the dragon when Wales competes in the FIFA World Cup in November. Developed by Nick Stradling, founder of and producer at Wales in the Movies, 'Spirit of 22' a documentary charting the journey of Welsh Football fans following Wales to possible World Cup glory. A crowdfunding campaign has launched through Indiegogo to raise money for production costs in return backers will get their own copy of the film as well as cameos and producer credits. 

Wales in the Movies (WitM) is a YouTube channel created by filmmaker Nick Stradling that documents and celebrates representation of Wales in film. Through a series of video essays and features WitM focuses on every aspect from profiles of prominent Welsh cinematic talent - Richard Burton, Stanley Baker and the late Richard Marquand (director 'Return of the Jedi') - to how Wales is represented in Hollywood. The portrayal of Wales in film has not enjoyed the universal celebration of its fellow Celtic nations Scotland and Ireland. Whilst to this day 'Braveheart' is lauded as a war cry for Scottish Independence and 'Rob Roy' and 'Michael Collins' celebrate the fight of the Irish underdogs, Wales seems to have been pushed aside when it comes to its historic and mythic heroes. Even its most famous history, the Arthurian legend has been portrayed in a manner that ignores its Welsh roots. WitM examines these ideas and notions shinning a light on Welsh stories that have made it to film, the people who tell them, as well as how Wales can still get those stories up on the big screen.  

In 2016, Nick Stradling travelled to Bordeaux for the UEFA European Cup tournament to document fans of Welsh football celebrate their nation's first match in a summer tournament in 58 years. 'The Red Wall' was a celebratory love letter capturing a moment that instilled real national pride for Wales and welsh football. Now Nick looks to recapture that joyous mood as Wales takes the next up the football tournament ladder. 'Spirit of 22' will follow Welsh football fans to Qatar as Wales plays in its first World Cup match, against team USA. The film will be very much in keeping with WitM mission, to promote and celebrate Wales and instill national pride for the world to see. The film has been sponsored by 'Yes Cymru', a grassroots organisation campaigning for Wales to be come an independent country. 

To make the dream a reality a crowdfunding drive was launched to raise funds for the film's production costs and already has raised over 30% of its £4,000 target. For as little as £5 fans can pledge their support for the film in return for being listed in the credits, From £10 onwards a digital copy as well as DVD of the film along, with producer credits, and cameos. Business can pledge their support for £250 for which they will see their brand and business in the film's credits and marketing materials. The campaign will run for a total of 50 days, with 6 days already passed. To pledge your support visit the Indiegogo page for 'Spirit of 22' and follow on social media.

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Wales in the Movies

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