Friday 7 July 2023

Ukrainian Animated Film Gets Big Screen UK Release

Dazzler Media Presents the UK cinema release of 'Mavka; The Forest Song' an animated film from Ukraine based on the country's most revered fairy tale. Nearly seven years in the making the film has, since its release,  become a domestic and global box office hit, giving Ukraine another positive boost during their most difficult time. From 28th July UK and Irish cinema audiences will get an opportunity to be enchanted by this moving folk story. 

'Mavka' is based on 'The Forest Song' (Lisova pisni︠a︡) a poetic play in three acts written by Lesya Ukrainka in 1911. Considered one of Ukraine's foremost writers, Lesya was a writer, poet and political activist whose belief in her country's freedom and independent was reflected in her work. 'The Forest Song's' overriding theme looks at the relationship between nature and people. The play and film tells the story of Mavka, a spirited nymph who falls in love with village artist Lucas, during their encounter in an enchanted forest. Their forbidden romance faces challenges from disapproving spirits to Mavka’s protective father. As a dark force threatens the forest, the star crossed couple  embark on a journey to save their worlds, learning about love, bravery, and the interconnection of nature.

The decision to adapt this classic folk fairy tale into an animated feature film was announced September 2015 by Film.UA, a co-operative of Eastern European production companies. Two years later  Film.UA and Animagrad animation studios, held the first international pitching of the script at Europe's largest animation forum 'Cartoon Movie', where Ukraine was represented for the first time. Soon after a teaser trailer was released and the project was a go. The first official trailer was dropped in February 2023 and featured the song 'Language of the Wind' written and performed by Ukrainian singers Khrystyna Soloviy and Artem Pivovarov, and the completed film premiered a month later. Domestically it was a box office hit beating out 'Avatar; The Way of Water." It is now currently touring the world cinema scene, with over 80 countries having acquired distribution rights, to critical and box office acclaim.

 Stunning visuals and a magical soundtrack courtesy of composers Maksym Berezhnyak, Dakha Brakha (who worked on the TV series 'Fargo') and Dario Vero ('Mission Impossible; Dead Reckoning'), capture the films heartwarming feel. Through high quality animation, a stirring  screenplay by Yaroslav Voytseshek under the collaborative direction of Oleh Malamuzh and Oleksandra Ruban, the film explores the power of love and harmony between humankind and the natural world. 'Mavka: The Forest Song' is presented is presented by Dazzler Media in both its original Ukrainian version (with English subtitles) and in English language. Family audiences will get to enjoy this heartwarming tale across UK and Irish cinemas from 28th July. 

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