Tuesday 10 October 2023

Trinity Cine Asia brings Prequel to Sc-Fi Blockbuster to UK Home Entertainment

Trinity Cine Asia announce the release of 'The Wandering Earth II' to UK home entertainment this autumn. A prequel to China's 2019 sci-fi epic that was a box office success, and based on a short story by one of the country's award winning authors, 'The Wandering Earth II' explores the cataclysmic build up to the events of the first film and sees writer and director Frant Gwo back at the helm. Having been ranked 8th highest grossing film of the year, it now makes its voyage to UK Digital, DVD and Blu-ray and is expected to land on 30th October. Following close behind is the limited edition 4K Ultra HD Steel book available from 11th December packed full of special features.  

Set in the year 2058, the Sun becomes an expanding red giant threatening to engulf the Earth in 100 years. The United Nations, now renamed as the United Earth Government (UEG), decides to proceed with the Moving Mountain Project, a proposal of building ten thousand gigantic nuclear fusion engines to propel the Earth out of the Solar System towards another habitable star system. However, militants of the Digital Life Project who believe human civilisation should continue through digital immortality, are hellbent on sabotaging the Moving Mountain Project. It's a race against time as the UEG and a team of astronauts led a young Liu Peigiang fight to save the Earth. 

Liu Peiqiang offers hope to his family

'The Wandering Earth' was released in 2019 on a production budget of $50 million and was China's first big budget sci-fi film. Adapted from Hugo award winning author Liu Cixin's short story its box office success was unprecedented taking over $700 million worldwide. It was no surprise then that the prequel was given the greenlight soon after with a budget of $89 million, though the global Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that ensued temporarily halting production. 'The Wandering Earth II' reunites writer and director Frant Gwo with co writer Gong Ge-er who also serves as producer with Liu Cixin. Veteran Hong Kong action star Andy Lau ('Infernal Affairs') stars as Tu Hengyu a computer scientist who worked on both the Digital Life Project and the Moving Mountain Project, and Wu Jing ('The Battle at Lake Changjin') returns as a young Liu Peiqiang. The film boasts impressive visuals, a viscerally tense story, and live streaming technology for shooting abroad

4k Ultra HD Steelbook Cover
Like it's successor, 'The Wandering Earth II' once again exploded onto the world box office taking over $600 million making it the 8th highest grossing film of this year. Critics have praised the film with Eastern Film Fans calling it 'a stunning sci-fi epic' and Morning Star describing it as 'a nail-biting and thrilling ride.' UK audiences can now welcome this voyage into their homes thanks to Trinity Cine Asia who not only give this sci-fi epic a DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital release but also a limited edition 4K Ultra HD version in a collector's Steelbook cover and lots of extras. 'The Wandering Earth II' is available to pre-order through Amazon. 


Are you looking forward to the release of this epic sci-fi hit? Have you seen 'The Wandering Earth II' and its first film? What were the stand out moments from both of these releases? Let us know in the comments section or share your thoughts on this highly anticipated release on X(Twitter) and Instagram.

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