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Travolta Gives Chills in Dark Thriller The Fanatic

Hollywood icon John Travolta has proven throughout his career he can flick his performance switch to villainous in memorable bad guy roles including 'Pulp Fiction' 'Broken Arrow' 'Face Off' and 'The Punisher'. Now the dial is cranked up to 11 as Travolta goes into full on stalker creepy mode in the indie thriller 'The Fanatic' which gets a home entertainment release this year courtesy of Dazzler Media.

Travolta plays Moose, a devoted fan of movie star Hunter Dunbar played by Devon Sawa ('Final Destination'), who when he feels rejected by his screen idol at an autograph convention becomes unhinged and embarks on a quest to get the interaction Moose feels he deserves. Whilst his chance meetings seem harmless at first, Moose's actions begin to take a dark turn leading to a home invasion and a very long night that changes both men irreparably.

Stories of devoted fans adulation turning to dangerous obsession have been a part of both art and life from Clint Eastwood's directorial debut 'Play Misty for Me' to the classic Stephen King novel 'Misery' based on the author's own experiences and turned in a major film in 1991 starring James Caan. Even rap star Eminem wrote a song about his experience in the 2000 hit 'Stan' which in an ironic featured a young Devon Sawa in the video as the creepy obsessed fan whose frustrations turn fatal. For 'The Fanatic' it was the turn of Limp Bizkit front-man to draw on his own real life incident put to pen to paper with Dave Beckerman and call the shots in his third directorial feature film. 'The Fanatic' is a tense and suspenseful thriller boasts a commanding central performance from Travolta and though it had a mixed response on its cinema release last year, horror maestros Dread Central praised it as “A riveting indie with genuine suspense… top-notch performances” 'The Fanatic' will be available on digital download from 8th June, which you can pre-order on iTunes, and available on DVD 6th July 2020

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